Aashritha Amruthavarshini Welfare Association(Reg.No:288/2009) 
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President's Profile

    Jagadeesh Kandregula
    Sri Bhagheeradha Organic Farms & Devataru Homes & Food Private Limited
    Yellamanchili, Visakhaptnam, Andhra Pradesh. INDIA
    Mobile: 9849210417
  E-mail: Jagadeeshkandregula@gmail.com
Mr. Jagadeesh Kandregula
Founder & president of Aashritha Amruthavarshini Welfare association.Completed his schooling from Dontikurru village(Near to Amalapuram) under the guidance of his grand parents Mattaparthy Satyam garu (Retired Teacher and Branch Post Master) & Late Syamalamba garu.
M.C.A: Dr. L.B.P.G. College (Andhra University), Visakhapatnam.
B.Sc: Dr. V.S.Krishna College, Visakhapatnam.  
Intermediate:    Govt. Jr.College, Pendurthy.  
8th – 10th Class: K.V.Z.P.P. High School, Kandikuppa, East Godavari District.
1st - 7th Class: Upper Primary School, Dontikurru, East Godavari District.
Having practical experience by cleanly observed the students in villages since Childhood.
Experienced various problems faced by the students while studying,the reason for not proving themselves in their career and Who are responsible for their life style?
There is one and only one answer i.e. Lack of guidance and planning.Based on these points since from year 2005 onwards he is going to village and interacting with students as well as their parents. Knowing their needs and supporting them to reach their goals.
He believes, all human beings are "Not Unique" and "Different people will have different views" "Helping nature" cleanly observed and adapted from his grand mother late "Mattaparthy Syamalamba garu" His inspiration and role models are "Mother Theresa", "Swami Vivekananda" and "Sri Satya Sai baba".Main base for all these activities are taken from the monthly magazine "Sanathana Saradhi" . In this magazine "Sri Satya Sai Baba" explained clearly about the human values, How to help others and importance of the villages.
Team Work:
He Strongly believes that "Team work" is the most  powerful tool which Is used to indentify the students in various places  and motivating them to reach their Goal. He got tremendous support from the Friends,Goverment High School Teachers & Relitives [Katrenikona, East Godavari District] and [Yellamanchili, Visakhapatnam District] to organize various activities in those areas on behalf of the society.
His goal is not to change the society; he is trying to make the students experts in each and every sector for INDIA.
Additional Activities :

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Sai Pranava Educational Society: www.saipranava.in


Basic Mathematics: www.basicmaths.in

Help Society

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love every where you go.
Help For Education

Im going to insist that weve got decent funding, enough teachers, and computers in the classroom, but unless you turn off the television set and get over a certain anti - intellectualism that I think pervades some low-income communities, our children are not going to achieve.