Aashritha Amruthavarshini Welfare Association(Reg.No:288/2009) 
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Supporters for the AAWA [2013 – 2014]
S.No Name Designation Location
01. Mr. D.Kiran Kumar Software Engineer U.S.A
02. Mr. G.V.N.Haranadh Software Engineer Banglore
03. Mr. T.Gurunadha Rao LIC Agent Yellamanchili
04. Mrs. T.Surya Kumari Software Engineer Visakhapatnam
Supporters for the AAWA [2012 – 2013]
S.No Name Designation Location
01. Mr. Kantamneni Teja Software Engineer U.S.A
02. Mr. S. Siva Kumar Software Engineer Denmark
03. Mr. A.Sesha Giri Correspondent
Vagdevi Jr.College
04. Mrs. T.Surya Kumari Software Engineer Visakhapatnam
Supporters for the AAWA [2011 – 2012]
S.No Name Designation Location
01. Mr. M.Govind Software Engineer Hyderabad
02. Mr. Majundar Software Engineer Bangalore
03. Mr. V.S.M.Narasimha Rao Software Engineer U.S.A
04. Mr. Kadali Ravi Software Engineer U.S.A
05. Mr. Kantamneni Teja Software Engineer U.S.A
06. Miss. Gayathri Software Engineer Banglore
07. Mr. C.V.Raman Software Engineer Hyderabad
Supporters for the AAWA [2009 – 2011]
S.No Name Designation Location
01. Mr. S.Krishna Rao Rtd. Accounts Officer NSTL Visakhapatnam
02. RVGS Group Educational institutions Visakhapatnam
03. Mr. Victor Joseph Indian Railways Orissa
04. Mr. B.Eswara rao J.C.O, Indian Army New Delhi
05. Mr. P.Suresh IRAS Orissa
06. Mr. P.K.Mohanty Indian Railways Orissa
07. Mr. Prem Vinodh Software Engineer Bangalore
08. Mr. A.V.Rama Rao Rtd. Indian Army Pendurthy
09. Mr. Kalyan Software Engineer Hyderabad
10. Mr. Arun Kumar Software Engineer Chennai
11. Embed Technologies Software Engineer Visakhapatnam
12. Mrs. M.Madhuri Software Engineer U.S.A
13. Mr. B.Venu gopal Software Engineer U.S.A
14. Miss. Solas Sravanthi Software Engineer U.S.A
15. Mr. R.Harinadh Babu Software Engineer Hyderabad
16. Mr. L.Naveen Kumar Software Engineer Hyderabad
17. Miss. U Sudha Sr.Facility Exeuctive Bangalore
18. Mr. K.V.K. Bala Subramanyam Software Engineer Bangalore
19. Mrs. Pavani Software Engineer Bangalore
20. Mrs. Hima Bindhu Software Engineer Pune
21. Mr. I.Suveen Software Engineer Hyderabad
22. Mr. Krishna Rao Rtd. Army officer Visakhapatnam
23. Mr. Md.Yakub Software Engineer U.K
24. Mr. Suri Reddy Business Visakhapatnam
25. Mr. Kolla Ramesh Kumar Software Engineer Kerala
26. Mr. Finney Sam Software Engineer U.S.A
27. Mrs.T.N.Chandrani Storage & Backup Engineer Hyderabad
28. Mr. Y.Ganesh Software Engineer Pune
29. Mrs. Susila Balaga Home maker Visakhapatnam
30. Miss. Geeta Balaga Software Engineer Visakhapatnam
31. Mrs. P.Prabavathi Home maker Visakhapatnam
32. Mr. N.V. Raju Software Engineer U.S.A
Help Society

Let us not be satisfied with just giving money. Money is not enough, money can be got, but they need your hearts to love them. So, spread your love every where you go.
Help For Education

“I’m going to insist that we’ve got decent funding, enough teachers, and computers in the classroom, but unless you turn off the television set and get over a certain anti - intellectualism that I think pervades some low-income communities, our children are not going to achieve.”